Google's Pixel 6 won't have a charger in the box

·Weekend Editor
·1 min read

Like it or not, Google is following Apple and Samsung in ditching included chargers. The company has confirmed to The Verge that the Pixel 6 won't include a charger in the box. Like its peers, Google claims there's just no need — most people already have USB-C chargers, the company says.

The Pixel 5a should be Google's last phone with an in-box power brick. We've asked Google if it can comment on the subject.

While Google didn't touch on this directly, companies have historically justified removing the charger as an eco-friendly move. Apple, Samsung and others can not only produce fewer chargers overall and reduce e-waste, but ship phones in smaller boxes that allow for more devices per shipment (and thus fewer trips).

As critics have observed, though, that advantage is debatable — if you do need to buy a charger, you may create more waste by ordering a charger from another company. Others have speculated that it's a cost-cutting move. Companies can hide (or at least mitigate) rising phone costs by removing a sometimes-redundant accessory.

Either way, your options for included chargers are shrinking. You may have to turn to brands like Xiaomi (which offers a 'free' charger for the Mi 11) if you're determined to get a brick at no extra charge. Otherwise, you'll likely have to resign yourself to buying at least one separate charger to keep your phone topped up.

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