Gordon Hayward 'can't stand' Tom Brady, prefers Aaron Rodgers

Hayward’s quarterback preferences may displease some Boston sports fans. (Getty)

Boston diehard sports fans are hopeful that the Celtics will be able to land marquee free agent Gordon Hayward, but the 2017 NBA All-Star insulted perhaps the most beloved athlete in all of New England.

During an interview with Utah Jazz reporter Hayley Byrnes during the NFL playoffs, Hayward was asked a question that dominates sports talk radio around the country: Aaron Rodgers or Tom Brady?

Without hesitation, the former Butler University standout responded with, “Aaron Rodgers. Can’t stand Tom Brady.”

Although his answer will likely make Boston sports fans’ blood boil, they can take solace in his explanation for the choice.

“I’m a Colts fan. I can’t stand him just because he plays for the Patriots,” Hayward noted. “I think he’s a good quarterback. It’s just loyalty.”

Hayward’s quarterback preference is not the only peculiar wrinkle in his possible landing with the Celtics.

General manager Danny Ainge’s son, Tanner, is currently running for Congress in Utah and has continually expressed a desire for Hayward to re-sign with the Jazz. If Hayward were to bolt for Boston, it is likely that Tanner’s chances of winning the election would be diminished to some degree.

In an appearance on Boston’s 98.5 The Sports Hub last week, Danny Ainge brushed off any possible issues that may arise in the family if Hayward ends up leaving Utah for Boston.

“Tanner’s got five kids, a couple little boys, and some days I see them wearing Isaiah Thomas T-shirts, some days I see them wearing Gordon Hayward jerseys, and some days it’s Dante Exum jerseys,” he said. “They’re big Jazz fans and they live in that neck of the woods. I get all that.”

Tanner took to Twitter to acknowledge how much of a hot button issue Hayward’s free agency is in Utah.

The NBA offseason is a wild time and the Celtics’ pursuit of Hayward is certainly no exception.

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