Gordon Ramsay Just Launched A Frozen Food Line But Fans Are Conflicted

gordon ramsay frozen food
Fans Are Mad About Gordon Ramsay's Frozen FoodKym Illman / Getty Images

Late last week, Gordon Ramsay announced his first-ever line of frozen foods. The By Chef Ramsay collection, which will be sold exclusively at Walmart stores nationwide, includes the controversial chef's "favorite dishes," including lasagna and Shepherd's pie.

And while you might think that fans would be thrilled over the news, you would—at least partially—be wrong. People have pointed out that the chef is always dragging frozen food on his shows, and how he has such high standards in general.

"Respect lowered," a Twitter user wrote in response to Ramsay's announcement. "Complete sell [out]," another person wrote online.

Someone who says they tried the mac and cheese chimed in with: "I just tried the mac and cheese. It may have been the worst frozen mac and cheese I have had in a long time. Rubbery noodles and soggy cornbread crumbs with a weird cheese sauce. I expected better from him considering his stance on frozen food."

"The man who hates frozen food…has a line of frozen food out. How quaint," a third individual added.

Of course, not everyone was quite so averse to the idea. In fact, other fans were buzzing about the news on social media.

"Gordon Ramsay frozen meals are here I must try them all!" another Twitter user wrote. "I'm not saying it's a gourmet meal, but I tried three different meals and they were head and shoulders above the rest- on par or better than Rao's and Michael Angelo's," someone else added.

Despite the associated drama (which is pretty typical of anything Ramsay related), Gordon gushed over his new venture. "I’m elated to bring my favorite dishes into homes across the country," the Next Level Chef host told PEOPLE. "It thrills me that these dishes are so widely available for anyone to experience, and I hope they inspire the home chef in everyone."

All eight of the dishes, which can be reheated in just minutes, "represent a special part of [Ramsay's] personal culinary journey."

The lineup includes bolognese-filled lasagna with four cheeses (ricotta, Parmesan, Romano, and mozzarella), a four-cheese macaroni bake, mushroom risotto, chicken pot pie, fish and chips, lemon caper chicken, slow roasted beef, and a British classic, Shepherd's pie.

All eight ready-to-eat frozen meals are in Walmart stores nationwide for under $6. You can also catch Ramsay on TV next month as he returns to the hit series Kitchen Nightmares on September 25 on Fox.

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