Gov. Andrew Cuomo calls out ‘selfish’ New Yorkers for not wearing masks

Governor Andrew Cuomo visited The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon on Wednesday and discussed his latest efforts to get New Yorkers to wear masks. The governor didn’t mince words while discussing residents who refuse to comply with the mandate.

In March Cuomo blasted New Yorkers during his daily briefing because many people were not following social distancing guidelines. At the time he said, “It is insensitive, it is arrogant, it is self-destructive, it is disrespectful to other people and it has to stop and it has to stop now.”

Stay at home orders and social distancing appear to have helped reduce the number of new cases. The governor is hoping to keep the number of new cases low by maintaining social distancing and having all residents wear face masks in public.

“We still have to stay disciplined, a little bit,” said Cuomo. “When you say the worst is over, some people actually start to unwind -- wear the mask.”

Cuomo said that 98% of the residents are complying with the request, but he had strong words for those who are not. “I just do not get it,” said Cuomo, “You have to be selfish not to wear a mask now and you have to be disrespectful of other people, otherwise wear the mask.”