'Grandpa of the year' excitedly updates grandson's photos after he transitions: 'He's so proud'

The bond between a man and his grandpa has hit TikTok in the feels.

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The user @nicolascazorlaaa dedicated a video to a touching moment with his abuelo. The grandfather wanted to ensure his 20-year-old grandson was represented the right way in his household. So the abuelo made it a point to update the grandson’s photo with one from after his transition.

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“My grandpa wanted to change my pre-transition picture,” the video text read.

“He looks so happy,” @nicolascazorlaaa remarked as he recorded his grandpa swapping the photos wearing a cheery smile on his face. He made sure the photo was an “abuelo-approved” one where @nicolascazorlaaa felt like his best self.

The grandson then dubbed the abuelo “grandpa of the year award,” adding the caption, “he is the only one who has never messed up.”

TikTokers celebrated the relationship between the two men, and the video racked up 1.3 million views.

“Just proves that it’s not about what generation you’re from; it’s about a willingness to understand and keep loving,” someone commented.

“We love Abuelo, absolute legend,” another wrote.

“You can see that he’s so proud of his grandson. This is so amazing,” a person said.

“His smile is the sweetest thing, Grandpa setting a standard for the rest,” a user added.

“Imagine just wanting to make your grandkid feel loved and accepted. It can be that easy. This is wonderful,” a TikToker replied.

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