Grandpa has 'precious' reaction to being asked to walk bride-to-be down the aisle: 'He's shown me so much love'

This bride-to-be’s sweet request of her grandad has TikTokers practically in tears.

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A viral video by the user Teneal Eske spurred an emotional meltdown on the social media app. Some users are saying they aren’t “emotionally stable” enough for the “beautiful moment.” Eske posted footage of the moment she asked her grandpa to walk her down the aisle.

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“I’ve dreamt of this moment with my grandy since I was a little girl,” the caption read.

The grandfather was sitting across from her at a restaurant. He opened up a card with a note addressed to him.

“I finally got to ask him to walk me down the aisle alongside my dad,” the video text explained. “He is the most precious human who I’ve shared a very special bond with my whole life.”

As soon as he opened the card and saw what she had asked, the grandfather started crying.

“He’s shown me so much love and support,” she added. “I cannot wait to share my special moment with him next year. I love him so much!”

“You are so lucky to have him. I won’t get the chance to ask my grandad to walk me down the aisle and that kills me,” a TikToker said.

“Best choice I made was have my grandfather help walk me. Also had my grandparents dance and give them flowers instead of bouquet toss,” someone replied.

“My Grandpa was one of my best friends. I miss him every day. Grandpa’s are special,” another wrote.

“Could of had a warning that we would be balling our eyes out,” a user commented.

“When I get married I’m asking my papa and my dad to walk me down grandpa’s have such an amazing soul,” a person added.

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