Great-grandmother dies following one last kiss with husband after they both tested positive for coronavirus

Great-grandmother dies after sharing one last kiss with husband in corridor on same day they tested positive for coronavirus (SWNS)

A great-grandmother has died after testing positive for coronavirus on the same day as her husband - who saw her for one last kiss when they passed in a hospital corridor.

Carol Kleiman, 78, was admitted to hospital with her husband of almost four decades, Harvey Kleiman, on April 1st.

She had an underlying heart condition, and was moved straight to the intensive care unit but tragically lost her battle with the virus four days later on April 5th.

Her husband, 83, who also tested positive for coronavirus but showed no symptoms, was discharged on April 16th and is now recovering at his home in Leeds, West Yorkshire.

Carol and Harvey Kleiman were due to celebrate their 40th wedding anniversary later this year (SWNS)

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The couple, due to celebrate their 40th anniversary in September, were able to see each other for a wave and a kiss as they were being transferred to separate wards.

Carol’s step-daughter, Frances Flaxington, 59, revealed she was “so glad” they got to embrace for a final time.

She said: "Thinking back, it was really spooky.

“My dad was admitted later the same day. He was in A&E as the infection had made him very poorly. He spotted her in the distance.

She was described as a “bubbly person” who would “light up any room” (SWNS)

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"He was going one way and she was going another.

"I'm just so glad they were able to see each other for the last time when they were moving around the wards.”

Frances described Carol as a “bubbly person” who would “light up any room”.

She said: "My dad used to spoil her rotten and Carol looked after him in return.

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"She loved spending time with her grandchildren as she would take them to the theatre and ballet.

"She also loved sewing, going to book clubs and arranging flowers for displays.

"She was a very bubbly person and would light up any room."

Carol was well-loved within the Jewish community in Leeds.

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Over 200 people attended traditional Shiva prayers, a Jewish ritual, on video platform Zoom the day after she died).

Frances and Carol’s sister, Irene, spoke at the ceremony but sadly Harvey was too ill to attend.

However, the event was recorded and will be shown to him at a later date.

Frances said: "We had family and friends from Australia and Florida watching the ceremony and paying their respects who otherwise would not be able to attend.

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“There were so many people who wanted to be there but the call was just so full.

“To have that many people joining was a testament to how admired she was within the Jewish community.

“Although it didn’t make grieving easier, it was certainly comforting.”

Carol leaves behind son Ian, three great-grandchildren, six grandchildren, step-daughters Frances, Sue and Tracey, and sister, Irene.

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Frances added: “The doctors and nurses did their utmost to make sure they could help us.

“The nurses were unbelievable. They ensured that Ian, who lives in Australia, Irene and I were able to speak to her before she died.

“The kindness they showed to the family in these difficult circumstances was just incredible.”

“Despite the stress they are under, they want to care for people to the best of their ability and maintain their high standards.

“I am a massive fan of the NHS – the work they do is phenomenal."