This Gucci Model's Radical Makeover Proves Why a New Hair Color Changes Everything

At the Gucci show in Milan, model Lina Hoss's before and after photos prove what a shocking difference a new hair color can make.

At first blush, model Lina Hoss’ directional new look at today’s Gucci show looked like a re-imagination of David Bowie’s famous flame red mullet. It wouldn’t be the Italian fashion house’s first ode to Ziggy Stardust, after all. But while hairstylist Paul Hanlon did find his inspiration across the pond, it wasn’t a riff on Starman’s signature. Backstage, the British-born pro said he was riffing on "the Chelsea hair" that defined the city's underground punk subculture throughout the '60s and, later, again through the '70s and '80s. “My mom used to have that hair," he added with a twinkle.

The retro feather-cut wig, with its subversive tufts down the nape, was snipped by stylist Andrea Martinelli, while the burnt orange shade was the handiwork of colorist Brad Baker, who gave it a distinctive oxidized effect. The most striking transformation of the show, Hoss, who is known for her gamine dirty-blonde buzz cut, was the natural choice for sporting the radical style. “She’s got the right face for it,” Hanlon says, referencing the model's angular bone structure and striking gaze.

Every bit as mold-breaking as Hoss's crystal body chain sheath and moss green silk gown, the fiery mane turned front row heads for good reason. "Alessandro [Michele] doesn't want to be cool or trendy," says Hanlon of the designer. "It's about being fearless." And—temporary or not—what's more aspirational than that?

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