Gwen Stefani connects with 'Voice' contestant: 'Everybody knows that I just want a daughter'

Following Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani's huge engagement announcement earlier in the day, 'The Voice' blind auditions continued Tuesday night with Stefani connecting with 15-year-old Larriah Jackson.

Stefani, who is a mother of three boys, was thrilled that she was the only chair turn for Jackson, which meant she didn't have to fight for her. "Everybody knows that I just want a daughter," stated Stefani, who added, "Is that weird?" Now-fiancé Shelton, who just laughed and looked longingly at Stefani, was also excited as he stated, "You got an awesome coach. Two California girls. You are going to have a blast."

While Shelton and Stefani's engagement was the real story Tuesday, viewers, who had picked up on Stefani's comment about wanting a daughter, took to Twitter hoping she gets her wish soon, like one person who tweeted: "God please bless Gwen with a daughter." (@loveforgwen)

"She's super talented and, then on top of it, she's 15. I just really love to work with somebody that's young like that, because that's my opportunity to share everything that I learned along the journey," said Stefani.