Gwen Stefani declares she's 'going to win The Voice with Blake Shelton's song'

“We’re gonna win The Voice with Blake Shelton’s song!” giddily declared Gwen Stefani – Blake Shelton offscreen girlfriend and onscreen Voice rival – as her star contestant, soul belter Rose Short, made the audacious move of covering Blake’s monster country hit “God’s Country” on Monday’s top 10 show. And honestly, Rose did sing it better than Blake. Host Carson Daly cheekily worded it, after watching Rose’s stunning, choir-backed rendition of the song: “That made Blake Shelton's original sound like the demo.”

Gwen advised Rose to “take it to that church place,” but Rose sort of took it to that Beychella place. She was serving some Beyoncé realness with her Southern swag, her big hair, big voice, and even that big inverted-pyramid production. More like “Goddess’s Country,” amirite? Even Blake knew he’d been outshined, doing a little worshipful I’m-not-worth Wayne’s World bow to Rose and telling her, “That makes me rethink my entire arrangement.”

It’s possible that Gwen’s prediction with come true and Rose will win Season 17. Her powerhouse performance this week certainly felt like something she’d do on the finale in just two weeks’ time. But Let’s not count out Team Legend’s Katie Kadan and Will Breman, who also owned Monday night.