Why Gwen Stefani doesn't follow trends: 'I hate rules'

(Photo: Jerritt Clark)
(Photo: Jerritt Clark)

No matter how cool something might be, Gwen Stefani will probably refuse to buy into it. “I hate trends. And when it comes to fashion, I hate rules,” she tells Yahoo Style. So in regards to her look, the singer has one motto: to go with whatever she is feeling at the time, regardless of if it’s “in” or not. “I don’t really have rules when it comes to my personality because I feel like that’s what personal style is — your mood and whatever you’re into at the moment,” she adds.

Though she’s considered a fashion icon by many, Stefani doesn’t feel the pressure to ever reinvent her appearance, no matter how many eyes are constantly on her. “I never felt pressure about my look. I always want to look as best I can, like we all do, but I think that for me if nobody was looking, I would do the same thing,” she says. Putting herself together is all about having fun and, of course, expressing herself. “I’ve always loved getting ready,” she reveals. “That’s one of the my favorite parts about when I was on The Voice was being able to have a different look every day.”

When she’s not making music or coaching people on it on The Voice, Stefani spends her days designing for one of her many fashion lines. On Wednesday evening in California, she happily showed off her latest venture, the fall collection of her L.A.M.B. sunglasses and 2018 GX Collection eyewear.

Stefani’s transition into eyewear came at the same time that the artist realized that she herself needed corrective lenses and found the options around her didn’t fit with her sartorial persona. “I feel like it was so limited and with the glasses,” she says. “First of all, there’s a need, you have to wear them. And I do have to wear reading glasses now and that weirdly happened like right when I started the collection. I wanted to do it for so long but I could never get the right partner then suddenly like after that last baby, I was like ‘I can’t see anymore. What is happening?’”

She also started a GX by Gwen Stefani Juniors collection in honor of her 8-year-old son, Zuma, who wears corrective lenses. “I wanted to do something that’s cool for him, you know, if he has to wear them,” she says, noting that there may be an opportunity for both mom and son to rock some matching specs at some point down the line. “My kids are boys so I can’t coordinate outfits with them,” says Stefani, who recalls living out her wardrobe coordination fantasies once with her niece. “At the Grammys we both wore matching outfits. It was cute!”

As far as fashion endeavors going forward, Stefani wants to keep creating. “I just love the idea of design,” she proclaims, adding that at this point in her life, she only takes on projects that she’s passionate about. “I look back at all the stuff I’ve gotten to design and my favorite things have always been those things that are hits — whether it’s music, or even I love doing the runway, the fashion shows and all that stuff.”

If you ask her what fashion she misses from the ’90s, Stefani will tell you that style wise, she’s not sure she’s ever left the era. “I don’t know. I feel like I’m probably still ’90s in a lot of ways.”

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