Hailey Bieber’s Balletcore Bodysuit Costs $310, but My Go-To Amazon Lookalike Is Only $26

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Get ready to plié.



Over the last few years, I searched high and low for the perfect turtleneck bodysuit. I wanted one I could wear under sleeveless dresses, overalls and jumpsuits. It felt like searching for a needle in a very particular haystack — not a single one fit the bill. Then, back in February, I discovered the Mangopop Turtleneck Long Sleeve Bodysuit on Amazon, and my search came to a rapid end.

Imagine my surprise and delight, then, when I saw Hailey Bieber donning a very similar-looking bodysuit. In a very balletcore Instagram post, Bieber wore the Wolford Colorado Bodysuit to promote the latest Rhode Peptide Lip Tints (which includes ballet slipper-inspired pink shade). The stunning Wolford bodysuit rings up at a cool $310 — unsurprising for a luxe basics brand worn by a myriad celebrities including Selena Gomez, Emily Ratajkowski, Kate Bosworth, Jennifer Lopez, and more. My go-to Mangopop version, however, is on sale for a mere $26, making it the favorite style in my wardrobe in more ways than one.





The Mangopop bodysuit features a turtleneck collar, long sleeves, and a double-snap gusset closure. It’s designed in a super soft, lightweight stretch modal fabric that somehow feels breezy even with long sleeves, and the turtleneck isn’t too tight or constricting around the neck. Even as someone with a somewhat curvy middle, I’ve found the fitted silhouette to be supremely flattering. The bodysuit comes in sizes XS to XXL; I own it in XL, which fits my curves perfectly. I wore it throughout this past winter, both on its own and underneath dresses and jumpsuits, and kept receiving compliments — and I can’t wait to break it out again now that the temperatures are dropping. The bodysuit is available in 29 different colors and patterns, from plié-approved black and ballet pink to vibrant yellow, rich burgundy, and even a bold leopard print.

Since this bodysuit has racked up an almost mind-boggling 32,000-plus five-star ratings, I’m certainly not alone in singing its praises. Reviewers say it’s “super comfortable and fits like a glove” and is “very stretchy.” One shopper who said they never buy items in multiple colors said this “perfect basic” is so good, they own it in three colors. Over 100 reviews point out how well it works for a variety of torso lengths, too. A shopper with a longer torso owns both the black and white hues and said they “fit like a dream,” while a “top heavy” shopper with a shorter torso said it fits their chest and curves and is “long enough to reach and snap.”

If you’re ready to embrace the balletcore trend like Bieber, this Mangopop bodysuit is an excellent place to start. Pick one up while it’s on sale for $26 at Amazon.

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