Hailey Bieber looks *so* different with this candy pink bowl-cut bob

hailey bieber pink bob
Hailey Bieber looks so different with a pink bobDavid M. Benett - Getty Images

Hailey Bieber just casually slipped some of her spy work into a photo dump. An accident, perhaps? Because tell me why in slide three of her latest Instagram post – past a cute strawberry girl summer snap and a glittering art instillation video – the model and beauty boss has shared a photo of her looking like a whole different person in a baby pink micro bob wig.

A classic bowl-cut bob with a fringe, this bubblegum pink look feels like so many cultural references, but honestly, the main one we can think of is Stefanie in Lazy Town. That you, girl?

Neither warm nor cool, the candy colour shade is not the easiest to pull off, but we think Hails is doing a pretty good job. She wore it with minimal eye makeup, what looked like her strawberry peptide lip treatment, and plenty of equally pink blush across her cheeks and the bridge of her nose for that viral 'sunburn blush'. Did Strawberry Shortcake just go fashion on us? Where's Hailey's freckle makeup when you need it?

That outfit is giving a combo of Kim Possible and Charlie's Angels, even more reason to assume this must be her spy look. Forget Harriet the Spy, this is Hailey the Spy, and admittedly not a good one because she just gave up her disguise on the internet. But she looks good 🤷🏼♀️

We almost didn't even recognise the outfit when it crops up again in the final slide sans-wig. See, that's the power of the wig's disguise.

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