'I've never touched my face': Hailey Bieber shuts downs plastic surgery rumours

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    I thought it was a covid-19 story when I read the headline about not touching the face
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    Age, weight and makeup can change a person's face.
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    Amazing how contouring and make up can literally change one's looks. Its like Spanx for your face. I need to start using both...😋
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    I have not had plastic surgery either, and I definitely look different than I did at 13.
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    If she got a face job' that doctor did a great job...……………..
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    Big Canadian Balls
    If this is something I that honestly bothers you, you need to re-evaluate your priorities in life.
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    Hailey you were born beautiful and you've stayed beautiful! All of your fans and most people in general think so too! Ignore the critics and naysayers because they are just letting their jealousy of your natural beauty through! Hope your move to Canada with your hubby proves to be one of the best decisions you ever made... and you've made lots of good ones.
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    i think she is so beautiful,the beaver should be so happy with her and feel real thankful
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    She’s had a nose job and lip fillers clearly. Who cares though. Honestly?
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    Honestly, does anyone really care? And why does she even post her response - kinda self involved. Frankly, not even sure why I respond either. This site is so uninteresting...and dull.