Halle Bailey’s Barely-There Manicure Is the Prettiest Version of Naked Nails

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Halle Bailey has a very important question about your boobs—but before we discuss said relatable inquiry, let's talk about her nails, given that they play a very important role in her latest photo drop.

The Little Mermaid star just shared some cute new pics of herself in a strapless black dress, with her nails painted the prettiest, most subtle shade of barely-there pink. Nail artist Eri Ishizu shaped Bailey's nails into classic long almonds, then applied a sheer, shiny “pinky nude” polish for a naked nail effect, as though Bailey was wearing nothing at all on her nails—basically, the ultimate “your nails but better” moment. This isn't a milky manicure or a soft French, but rather a light, neutral shell pink with lots of shine. Jennifer Lopez recently wore a similar almost-naked mani, though her version incorporated the slightest hint of microshimmer reminiscent of glittery body oil.

Bailey paired her super-subtle manicure with locs and curls, a flushed cheek, and long lashes, giving us effortlessly pretty summer glam inspiration.

But back to the boob question, which may have been inspired by the corset-style dress she was wearing. Bailey paired her pics with a “question for all my girls … which one of ur boobs is way bigger than the other?” Is it just me or has this conversation come up a lot recently, whether it's between friends or in the comment section of a celebrity's Instagram? According to Bailey, her right breast is bigger than the other. Stars, they are just like us! (And for the record, having different-sized breasts is very common.)

If you prefer a more colorful mani over a nearly naked one, don't worry! Bailey recently wore a fun multicolored manicure in shades of pink, purple, blue, and peachy beige, which would be equally at home with summer sundresses and swimwear.

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