Hand Sanitizers Are Selling Out, but You Can Still Purchase These Brands Online

Tanya Ghahremani

Although experts are still learning more about the spread of the novel coronavirus, or COVID-19, they’re unanimous in their recommendation that sanitizing your hands — whether by washing them with soap and water, or using an alcohol-based hand sanitizer — is the best way to avoid infection.

Per the recommendations, people should be washing their hands frequently for at least 20 seconds to avoid infection, or using a hand sanitizer that is composed of at least 60 percent alcohol (such as More than Magic Melon Mango Hand Sanitizer). According to the CDC, the alcohol content is extremely important when it comes to hand sanitizers, because that’s what actually kills the bacteria on your hands — other hand sanitizers without this amount of alcohol will only stunt the growth of the bacteria, not remove it.

If done correctly, experts estimate that sanitizing your hands can reduce the rate of infection by respiratory illness infection by 16 to 21 percent, which is huge. To ensure you’re properly ridding your hands of germs, it’s recommended to apply the product to the palm of one of your hands, and then rub the product all over both of your hands until it’s completely dry.

Jeenah Moon/Getty

With the number of cases beginning to increase within the U.S., it’s getting harder and harder to find disinfectant cleaning items or hand sanitizers in stores or online. Stocks of these items have been depleted since as far back as January, so it’s a little difficult to just put in an order on Amazon right now and wait for it to come with Prime delivery. (You can still find some EPA-approved disinfectants at places like Petco if you know where to look.)

That said, there is still a limited supply of hand sanitizer available around the internet for purchase for anyone who still needs to purchase some. Keep in mind that the situation is changing rapidly, however, and with stocks running low across the board, availability could fluctuate by the minute.

We will continuously update this post with the latest information and product availability as we have it.


This More than Magic hand sanitizer, which contains 62 percent ethyl alcohol, comes in a 0.5 fl. oz. travel-size spray bottle — and as a bonus, it smells like melon and mango.

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These Welly instant hand sanitizer ointments include 66.5 percent ethyl alcohol, which makes them compliant with the CDC guidelines for hand sanitizer. It comes in packs of up to 12.

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This Vegamour hand sanitizer comes in spray form, and consists of 75 percent isopropyl alcohol — well over the CDC guidelines for an effective hand sanitizer. Purchasing one will also give back to the community: Vegamour is donating 20 percent of proceeds to the Los Angeles Food Bank to help groups especially affected by the coronavirus pandemic. It’s available for pre-order now, but will be in stock and ready to ship on March 27.

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