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These top-rated 'unicorn shorts' are on sale at Amazon, starting at just $9

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August is almost here, and even though it's a harbinger for fall, there's still plenty of sunny weather to soak up — and plenty of sales on summer clothes to take advantage of. Dresses, tops and flip-flops come to mind, but right now we're zeroing in on shorts. Lucky for us, Amazon slashed the prices on these super comfy jersey shorts from Hanes — you can get them for as little as $9!


Hanes Jersey Pocket Short

$9$16Save $7
$9 at Amazon

Made with a cotton-poly blend, these shorts come in four colors and five sizes.

Perfect in just about every way, these cute and practical shorts are designed for comfort — they're made with a cotton-poly blend so they're both soft and durable and have a wide elastic waistband. More than 33,000 Amazon shoppers have already given them five-star reviews — one satisfied shopper even called them ‘unicorn shorts.’

“I hate myself in shorts,” she wrote. “I have always had big thighs, even when I was an active teenager whose ribs stuck out. So imagine how much I dislike them 15 years later and 3–4 sizes larger. Yet, they are a necessity in summer while doing things outside. I am so pleased with the comfort and ease of wearing these, that I find myself reaching for them even when I don't absolutely need them. They don't slide down while you bend, work or garden. They are loose but not too baggy. The material doesn't pill or show every speck of dust and is generally nice enough that I'm not embarrassed to run to the store in them. I'm not constantly pulling them down back over my legs.”

Vacation shorts with mom vibes

While some shoppers like to get down and dirty doing chores in these shorts, others reserve these shorts for more relaxing activities like vacation.

One happy traveler made them part of cruise capsule wardrobe. "Great shorts for walking about!" she wrote. "[They] save your thighs cause they don’t creep up!"

But be warned: they do give off serious mom vibes in the best way.

"Needed some comfy shorts for vacation," reported a savvy traveler. "Going to be doing a lot of walking in midsummer. I used to make fun of my mom for finding one clothing item she liked and buying it in every color. But, GUILTY!! I’ve officially become my mom."

"These are cheap 'mom' shorts," raved another reviewer. "I’m a mom and I’m cheap, so they’re perfect."

They have pockets! (Photo: Amazon)
They have pockets! (Photo: Amazon)

"I bought three pairs in different colors for everyday wear of mom life, and I love them," shared another happy shopper. "They have elastic AND a drawstring, so if you're having a bloated day you can loosen them and if you are feeling thin after a day of sweating away pounds mowing your lawn in the summer heat, you can cinch 'em up. They're not too thick, not too thin, they wash well and they're super comfy. I live in shorts and tanks all summer, and these are great for quick walks, grocery shopping or scrubbing your toilet....whatever the day throws at you. I don't expect them to last for years and years, but at this price point they don't need to. I plan to order more before the winter hits in case they don't carry them next summer.


Just like dresses and skirts, a lot of gleeful shoppers gushed about the pockets.

"For some reason, decades ago when women started wearing pants and shorts, someone decided that we must not like pockets," wrote an excited shopper. "Could not be further from the truth. While I’ve managed to find other styles of shorts with pockets, it’s been nearly impossible to find women's athletic shorts with pockets… until now. These shorts hold more than just a penny, so when I go to work out, I don’t have to take a bag with me. Also great for lounging, not lounging… okay, does it really matter? The shorts have decent pockets. Enough said!"

"Pockets! Real pockets!" wrote another delighted shopper. "I can put my phone in one and a few treats in the other while training my dogs."

Loose fit

While spandex is here to stay, your shorts don't have to be as tight as your leggings.

"These shorts are just right for my 67-year-old body — not too short," a satisfied shopper shared. "They are loose enough to be comfortable and more appropriate than bike shorts for women over 50, or anyone who doesn’t like compression shorts."

"I live in Northern California," reported a rave reviewer. "It's already 95+ degrees, so I needed a good lounge short since it's too warm for sweatpants. These fit like a dream and don't look like I stole my husband's clothes."


Hanes Jersey Pocket Short

$9$16Save $7
$9 at Amazon

Made with a cotton-poly blend, these shorts come in four colors and five sizes.

The reviews quoted above reflect the most recent versions at the time of publication.

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