Hank Azaria's embarrassing story about meeting Mick Jagger on 'The Simpsons'

Jeremy Belanger
Producer, Yahoo Entertainment


Hank Azaria had a pretty embarrassing meeting with Mick Jagger during a recording session for The Simpsons. Azaria told the co-hosts of The Talk that the Rolling Stones singer was going to do a cameo for the long-running animated show. When the rock star arrived, Azaria was waiting to greet him.

Azaria recalled: “I said, ‘Mick — hi, I’m Hank Azaria. We’re really excited that you’re here.’ And he kind of blows right past me. And he goes, ‘Yeah, you know, we’ll get it.’ And I was panicked because, well, I’m going to have to follow him up and record with him, and I think he thinks I’m a P.A.”

Though many people know Hank Azaria as the voice of Mo, Apu, and Chief Wiggum on the show, Mick Jagger wasn’t exactly up on his Simpsons knowledge. He apparently thought of Azaria as a lowly production assistant. Searching for the right words, Azaria blurted, “Oh, no, I don’t think we’ll get it. I just think we’re here.”

This seemed to briefly anger Mick Jagger until Azaria explained that they would be recording together.

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