Hannah Dodd Has Some Thoughts On The Theory That Francesca Bridgerton Is Neurodivergent

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Is Francesca Bridgerton Neurodivergent? 2023 © Netflix

For anybody still mourning the end of the third season of Bridgerton, the lives of the series' characters are still very much the talk of the ton.

One of the most recent series' newest characters, Francesca Bridgerton, played by Hannah Dodd, has been welcomed with open arms by fans of the show who have marvelled at the season's focus on her society debut and subsequent relationship with Lord John Stirling, played by Victor Alli.


Among the theories that fans have floated about the third season of the show is the idea of Francesca being neurodivergent. Much to Violet Bridgerton's confusion, Francesca and John appear to bond in the third season over their interest in music and a desire to retreat from society, which, Dodd has now confirmed, was an intentional move discussed in the writer's room.

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'It's been so lovely to see,' Dodd told BBC News in June 2024, about neurodivergent viewers finding Francesca's shyness relatable. 'This is a show about people and representation so it's only a good thing if people feel that they can see themselves on the screen.'

'I know it was discussed in the writers' room that there were maybe, like, traits [of neurodiversity in Francesca],' she added.

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When asked about Francesca's neurodiversity on Good Morning America in June 2024, Bridgerton showrunner, Jess Brownell, said: 'To be honest, when we started crafting her character in the room, we didn't set out from the very beginning to create a neurodivergent character, and we didn't try to diagnose her in any way.'

She continued, 'But all of us in the room, as we delved deeper into her character, went, "These do feel like neurodivergent traits."'

bridgerton season 4

Francesca's neurodiversity isn't the most recent season's only display of inclusive representation. When Brownell and her team started production on the third series of the Regency-era show, they were 'very intentional' about inclusivity.

'Especially on the show, which has a reputation for being so inclusive, I want to continuously expand that so that more people can see themselves represented in our world,' Brownell also added while appearing on Good Morning America.

The third season of Bridgerton also ensured that Lord Remington, played by disabled actor Zak Ford-Williams, used a historically accurate Regency-era wheelchair on the show.

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