'This happened...it worked': Ryan Gosling visits Toronto coffee shop after online campaign

Ask, believe, receive — that’s how the universe works.

A Toronto business owner is on cloud nine after an online campaign to get Canadian actor Ryan Gosling to stop by her coffee shop actually worked.

Joelle Murray and Ryan Gosling. Image via Facebook.

Joelle Murray, the owner of Grinder Coffee in Toronto’s Leslieville neighbourhood, took to social media a couple of weeks ago. She wanted to convince Gosling to stop by for a coffee while the actor was in town for the Toronto International Film Festival.

On Tuesday, the campaign proved to be successful.

Murray sharing a photo of her happily hugging the “First Man” actor with the caption “This happened…it worked.”

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“Ryan Gosling actually walked into our shop, so it’s been quite an exciting day,” Murray told CTV News.  “He was just here for a few minutes. He came in (and) I pounced upon him.”

The #RyanNeedsGrinder campaign proved successful, with the actor stopping by for coffee on September 11th. Image via Instagram.

Murray says the actor saw Grinder Coffee’s online campaign, which featured patrons and employees playfully posing with a cardboard cutout of Gosling, and thought they were “quite funny.”

It was Gosling’s date to TIFF, his mother Donna, who convinced her son to stop by for a cup of joe.

“She has free coffee for life at Grinder whenever she wants,” Murray said.

Image via Instagram.

Last year, the coffee shop ran a similar campaign to have Idris Elba visit the shop while he was at TIFF to promote his film, “Molly’s Game.” Although it didn’t work, the campaign received some attention, and this year, Grinder asked patrons to vote for who would be the focus of this year’s campaign.

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Although Murray is delighted that the “La La Land” actor took notice of her plea, she admits her ideal celebrity guest would be Irish actor Chris O’Dowd.

Irish actor, Chris O’Dowd. Image via Instagram.

“I absolutely adore him,” she told reporters. “I would love Chris O’Dowd to come see me anytime he wants to have coffee. I think he’d actually more want to have a pint.”

Whatever floats your boat, Murray!

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