'Harry Potter' actor has two fantasy football teams and is bummed about Devonta Freeman

“Harry Potter” actor Daniel Radcliffe is crazy about American football, but things aren’t going so well for one of his fantasy teams. (MSNBC)

Every now and then, the football-loving folks of the world get confirmation that a celebrity loves football just like they do. Because celebrities are people, too — even the guy who played “Harry Potter” in all eight of those movies.

That guy’s name is Daniel Radcliffe, and on Thursday morning he did an interview on the MSNBC program “Morning Joe.” He was there to talk about his new play, but host Joe Scarborough couldn’t resist getting a little football talk in first. It turns out that Radcliffe, who is from London, is actually crazy about American football. He likes it so much that he even has two fantasy football teams, one in a league that he runs himself.

For many people who play fantasy football, there’s that one heartbreaking moment in your season when you realize the player you took with a high pick just isn’t going to be worth it. For Radcliffe, that moment came earlier this week when the Atlanta Falcons put running back Devonta Freeman on injured reserve with a groin injury. Radcliffe took Freeman with the 13th overall pick in one of his drafts, and like so many others who drafted Freeman this year, he’s pretty bummed about it.

Things aren’t going well for Radcliffe outside of fantasy, either. He revealed he’s a New York Giants fan, so that 1-5 record probably isn’t bringing him much joy these days.

Celebrities are just like us — right down to that inescapable feeling of fantasy football failure.

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