5 health benefits of strawberries

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Strawberries are in season, which means they’re easily available. Delicious and refreshing, strawberries have health benefits too.

1. They help you lose weight

Strawberries are high in fibre. Fibre helps in bowel movements. It lowers cholesterol levels and keeps you feeling full longer

2. They’re great immunity boosters

Strawberries have vitamin C, which is an immunity booster. No need to have bitter amla juice, have strawberries instead!

3. They’re good for the eyes

Vitamin C also protects eyes, strengthens cornea and retina. It also protects eyes from UV rays, strawberries have vitamin C

4. They help lower cholesterol

Strawberries reduce oxidative damage, and blood lipids. These cause heart disease and diabetes.

5. They help reduce blood pressure

Strawberries contain potassium. This helps regulate blood pressure. Sometimes this even helps lower BP by acting as buffer against sodium.

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