Have You Heard George’s Podcast? You should, for it is remarkable

Candice Carty-Williams
·1 min read
<span>Photograph: Antonio Olmos/The Observer</span>
Photograph: Antonio Olmos/The Observer

I have never been into podcasts in a big way. I like them in theory, but if I’ve got time to listen to something, I’d rather listen to music. And when I’m going to sleep, well, I’m going to sleep, aren’t I. But the other day, my big brother, one of the few people I take recommendations from, sent me a link to one and told me that I have to listen. My big brother isn’t usually a man of urgency, so I paid attention.

His selection was Have You Heard George’s Podcast? by the spoken word performer, rapper and artist George the Poet and producer Benbrick. The podcast has been around for a while. The New Yorker called it “undefinably good”, so George is obviously doing something right.When I had an hour spare (an uncommon thing for a writer), I started with episode one: “Listen Closer”. It was as good as the New Yorker said. There’s something special about it: the storytelling is unique, so exciting, so kinetic. Even though it’s in your ears, you feel like you’re walking along with George, the narrator. I listened to the second episode, “Popcorn”: great again. But it was episode three, “A Grenfell Story”, that stopped my heart, my breath, my thoughts, everything. While the title probably tells you why, I won’t try to explain what about it has nestled in my head. Instead I implore you, with great urgency, to listen to it.