My Heatless Hair Secret to Achieving Curls That Last 7+ Days Is Just $14

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I’ve been using them for years.

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One of my favorite ways to wear my hair is curly. I love the texture, the way it can be styled, and the extra volume it gives my hair when it needs some lift. While my hair is currently loc’d, I tried a variety of ways to get curls that lasted when I was a loose natural: using flat irons, spiral curl wands, and sitting under the dryer with rollers. Over time, all of the excess heat damaged my hair. That’s when I started looking for ways to achieve bouncy curls without using heat. One of my favorite tools (alongside sponge rollers) is flexi rods, specifically Tifara Beauty’s Heatless Flexible Hair Rollers from Amazon.

The heatless rollers come in a pack of 42 curlers that range in diameter. The blue and pink rods produce larger curls, while the orange and red rods will give you medium-sized ringlets, and for smaller coils, go for the purple and green rods. The curlers are flexible and work on all hair types. All you have to do is dampen the hair, apply your setting cream or mouse of choice, and wrap the bendable rods around a small section of strands. The bigger you go, the looser the curl, and the more moisture, the longer it will take to dry.

Tifara Beauty Heatless Flexible Hair Rollers





The Tifara flexi-rods were a game-changer in creating heat-free curls, and now that my hair is loc’d, they’re even more essential as a styling tool. Using hot tools on locs is extremely damaging, so I’ve found that these rollers are the best way to achieve full and bouncy curls that last. I prefer using the small- and medium-sized rods for tighter, more-defined curls, but occasionally opt for the large rollers if I'm going for voluminous Hollywood waves. I find that when I sleep with the small- and medium-sized rollers overnight, my hair lasts more than a week.

If that’s not enough to convince you that you need these heatless rollers, over 27,400 Amazon shoppers gave these curlers a five-star rating with shining reviews to match. One shopper said the rollers were easy to use, giving them “beautiful and lasting curls in only a few hours or overnight.” They also said the rods were “comfortable to sleep in.” Another reviewer in their 60s switched from damaging “perms” to these rods because their fine, straight hair was “impossible to curl.” In just an hour and a half, they were “pleasantly surprised” by the heatless curls they achieved.

Shop Tifara Beauty’s Heatless Flexible Hair Rollers and some of my other favorite heatless curl tools, below.

Kitsch Heatless Hair Curler




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