Heidi Klum reveals the craziest act she's witnessed on 'America's Got Talent'

Ahead of the June 1 premiere of Season 16 of America’s Got Talent, Heidi Klum appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live Tuesday, where she revealed the craziest act she has seen in her time as a judge on the show. Though AGT has featured countless oddball and insane acts, the performer who stands out above the rest is Stevie Starr, the professional regurgitator.

“What's the craziest act that you've seen in your years on AGT?” Kimmel asked. “So many crazy ones,” Klum replied. “Number one, the regurgitator. Did you guys know — you have to look him up, he's absolutely amazing.”

Starr made several appearances on the show, seemingly swallowing various items and doing amazing things with the objects while they’re in his stomach. On one occasion, Starr swallowed a nut and a bolt, and somehow got the nut onto the bolt and screwed it halfway up. Another time, Starr borrowed items from Klum for the performance.

“He took my diamond ring, swallowed it, swallowed a locket, a key. And inside of his stomach, put my ring in the locket, locked it and regurgitated it all back up,” Klum said. “He does the weirdest things.”

Klum also recalled a performance in which Starr worked with something much more dangerous than nuts and bolts, or jewelry.

“He takes, like, a little knife and a tomato, and he slices it in his stomach, then he brings it back up,” Klum said. “I mean, I don't know how he does it.” “It seems impractical,” Kimmel chimed in. “But he was my favorite,” Klum said before also revealing a little something about herself. “Fart jokes and regurgitating stuff, that’s me.” Kimmel joked, “Just don’t eat a salad at his house.”

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