Heidi Klum’s sneak peek of her Halloween costume has everyone confused

Heidi Klum has stumped fans with sneak peeks of her Halloween costume this year.

The supermodel, 50, took to Instagram on 31 October to share multiple previews of her look leading up to her annual Halloween party. She started off by sharing a video of herself in a flowing fuchsia cape with a tulle hood, leading up to her Amazon Live segment where she got ready for her party.

Shortly after that, Klum shared another picture of herself getting dressed up while wearing facial prosthetics on her forehead. She went on to share another video of herself getting ready, which showed her wearing what appeared to be her makeup for the evening already applied.

In the preview of her costume, she wore the same pink cape, while the prosthetics on her head were now gold. She also had silver prosthetics, gold highlighter, and dark eyeshadow on her face.

On X, formerly known as Twitter, fans have expressed their confusion over the hints, with many speculating about what Klum’s costume could be.

“Okay what is it,” one wrote, while another added: “Naw I’m trynna see what Heidi Klum got up her sleeve this Halloween.”

“Dear God please someone, anyone, what is Heidi Klum wearing for Halloween this year !!!” a third added.

While fans also shared their excitement over Klum unveiling her costume, others have questioned whether the outfit will be able to compete with her 2022 worm costume, which included a large curved head and a long tail.

“Interested to see if Heidi Klum’s Halloween costume tonight can top the worm costume from last year,” one wrote, while another added: “There is one thing and one thing only that I care about today and that is finding out what Heidi Klum is wearing for Halloween. How can she ever top the worm??”

A third tweeted: “Halloween doesn’t end until we see Heidi Klum’s costume.”

Over the years, Klum has continued to be labelled as the Queen of Halloween, with some fan favourite costumes including her 2018 look as Fiona from Shrek, during which she had full prosthetics on her face, and her 2015 Jessica Rabbit getup.

She also hinted at her Halloween plans earlier this week, when she shared a photo on Instagram of herself lying down on a pink fluffy couch. In the caption, she quipped: “The Calm before the storm, three days to #heidihalloween2023 My Motto this Halloween, GO BIG OR GO HOME.”

This isn’t the first time that Klum has commented on her Halloween costume for this year. During an interview with Entertainment Tonight earlier this month, she spoke candidly about the hard work she’d been doing to bring her costume to life.

“I actually just took a trip, five hours I had to fly some place - and I don’t even want to say where, because I don’t want to give you away any clue - but I had to fly five hours to this mysterious place and five hours back just to have a little look how things were going,” Klum revealed, before adding: “Things are going very well. Thank goodness!”

At the time, the America’s Got Talent judge gave “the tiniest hint” about her look, noting that it was going to “be very colourful, and super big”. She also shared her hope for the costume to be “epic”.

“For me, it’s epic when all of a sudden GIFs are being made and everyone is talking about it, and it’s in the news and people are laughing,” she explained. “Then for me it’s like, ‘okay, this was a very good one.’”