Helen McCrory shone as Anna Karenina

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I do read John Crace’s articles to raise a smile. Not this one (The politics sketch, 19 April). He wrote: “[Oliver] Dowden has the air of the supply teacher whom no one takes seriously.” Having been a primary classroom teacher for 40 years, I have gone on to work as a supply teacher since getting my pension. I can honestly say that I have always been taken seriously! Substitute “supply teacher” with “secretary of state for education” in the quote and I will smile again.
Sue Paice

• If, as I recently heard one Tory MP say on TV, we all have equal access to the government and MPs, I’d like to be given Boris Johnson’s phone number, so that I, too, can text him about the things I want ministers to do (Boris Johnson is ‘constantly lobbied’ by text, sources admit, 21 April).
Janice Jowett
Ormskirk, Lancashire

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• Among all the welcome tributes to the astonishing talent of the much-lamented Helen McCrory (Letters, 21 April), I’ve been amazed that there has been no mention of her revelatory performance as Anna in Channel 4’s Anna Karenina, broadcast in 2000. It must surely rank as definitive.
Dr Brigid Purcell

• The European Super League provides a perfect self-describing abbreviation for modern football: €$£ (Manchester United and Liverpool plead for forgiveness for Super League fiasco, 21 April).
Charles Baily

• I “pick up” the Guardian (it comes through the letterbox), although with increasing difficulty each day, especially on Saturdays (Letters, 21 April).
Cyril Duff (aged 90)

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