Helena Christensen, 52, braves the cold in a bikini: 'I friggin love it'

Megan Sims
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Snow can’t stop Helena Christensen from swimming.

On Wednesday, the 52-year-old supermodel shared photos from a winter adventure clad in a lilac bikini. In one of the pictures, she appeared to be walking barefoot in the snow near a creek and in the second, she was bent down in the water with her dog lying nearby.

“Ice hole search,” she captioned the post.

Many fans and celebrities like Naomi Campbell, Ellen Pompeo and Courtney Love, who just used emojis, took to her comments to praise Christensen’s stunning photos.

“Beautiful photo,” one fan wrote.

“Ice queen cometh,” someone said.

“Amazing photos. Lovely color set too,” another person added.

There was also a user who acknowledged the elephant in the room by asking Christensen why she would go outside and walk through the snow with barely any clothes to which she responded, “health benefits are huge, but most of all, I friggin love it.”

This is not the first time Christensen has flaunted her swimsuit out of season. In October, while at home in the Catskill Mountains, she shared a photo of herself in a white one-piece as she stood among the changing leaves.

She also took a dip in January.

According to a December 2020 narrative review published in the International Journal of Environmental Research, Christensen is right that cold water swimming, also known as winter or ice swimming, appears to bring health benefits, including decreased blood pressure, fewer upper respiratory tract infections, amelioration of mood disorders and general well-being. However, the study does note that cold swimming is best practiced by “people with good general health” because “there is a risk of death if unfamiliar or inadequately adapted, either due to the initial neurogenic cold shock response or due to a progressive decrease in swimming efficiency or progressive hypothermia.”

Cold swimming isn’t the only way Christensen prioritizes her health. In a 2015 interview with Harper’s Bazaar, she revealed that focuses on getting rest, thinking outside of the fitness box, eating food she loves and seeking balance.

"I don't have any rules, so if I was going to put having a healthy approach to life and balance into words, it would be, 'how do I ensure that I can keep eating as much as possible and still stay strong and fit?’” she admitted. “That's where hardcore workouts come in as then I can still totally indulge in my obsession with food. To someone who is worried about their weight, I wouldn't talk so much about eating as I would say, just go box. Eat whatever you like, within reason, and deal with any concerns, in a physically active way.”

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