Here's Everything We Know About Ariana Grande's New Beauty Company

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Photo credit: David Crotty - Getty Images
Photo credit: David Crotty - Getty Images

Ariana Grande has to be top of the list of all the celebrities who inspire killer replica looks. Her beauty looks have inspired some of the greatest copycats, and now they're about to be able to get their inspo straight from the source. Because who's the latest celeb to enter the beauty game? None other than Grammy-winning singer and all-around heartthrob Ariana Grande. Her upcoming line is fittingly named r.e.m. beauty like her R.E.M perfume and, of course, iconic song of the same name.

The newlywed and "make-up" singer teased the launch of r.e.m. beauty to her 265 million IG followers and judging from the response, it's sure to become an instant success. Grande's first foray into the beauty world was fragrance, and every new perfume launch impresses. According to the patent, there's still no word on what her new line will bring, but it seems like makeup, hair extensions, and beauty sponges are all possibilities. Will we be treated to liquid liners so we can mimic her cat-eye? Ponytail extensions to give her fans the authentic Grande look? The perfect bronzy contour?

There will be a lot more info to come. But, for the moment, stay up to date on everything r.e.m. beauty on their new–and empty, for the moment, except for a single following of Grande herself–socials on Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok.

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