Here's why Jase from 'Duck Dynasty' just shaved off his beard

When you think of Duck Dynasty, a few things come to mind, one of which is likely facial hair. But that impression no longer applies for one of the dynasty members and stars of the A&E show. Jase Robertson, one of Phil and Kay’s four sons, shaved his famously long beard and cut his scraggly hair over Labor Day weekend.

No big deal, right? Everyone grooms. Wrong. For the Robertsons, those beards are practically a part of the family. So, what made Jase make the cut? A good cause. The family was on a mission to raise $100,000 for their Mia Moo Fund (named after their daughter who had surgery for her cleft palate), a foundation that raises awareness and funds toward the research and treatment of cleft lip and palate. Jase said that if they could raise $100,000, he would shave his beard and cut his hair.

While it seems they didn’t meet their goal — Korie Robertson posted on Instagram that they raised $35,000 — Jase still went through with it. Yesterday, the family documented the makeover and reveal on Facebook.

Jase’s wife, Missy, filmed the crowd in anticipation, speaking to family members about Jase’s big change while he was groomed by a stylist. In the video, Jase’s daughter Mia, 13, says the last time she saw her dad shaved and with short hair was about eight years ago.

Phil, Jase’s father, explains to the camera why the men in their family all have beards, saying that he believes God gave men facial hair for a reason. “Being a Bible man, therefore I’ve concluded, God made males whereby hair comes out of their face. Surely he didn’t do that so you would have to cut it off every day. … I’m just saying, if hair comes out of your face, you say, ‘It’s almost like he put it there because he thought you would at least need it.’” In terms of women, “I’d go the old French style,” Phil says, referencing the unshaven legs and armpits stereotypically (even if inaccurately) associated with French women.

When the video’s big reveal happens, and Jase walks out completely clean-shaven, everyone is shocked, including Jase — who doesn’t recognize himself in the mirror.

In addition to the full-length video, the family shared a time-lapse video of the makeover. Most of Jase’s followers seem to be supportive of the change. “I love it Jase!! Gonna be cold in that duck blind but definitely worth it. You’re a good Christian man and a great inspiration to young fathers like myself. Keep on doing what you do. This world needs the Robertson family more than ever. We love y’all!,” one fan commented on the Facebook post.

Another said, “That was an amazing thing you did, thank you! My son was born with a cleft, and we had no idea until the first moment we saw him. Thank you for bringing more awareness to this!”

Others commented on how good they think Jase looks now. “I love his new look. He is a very handsome man, at [sic] this makes him younger. He did it for such a great cause. Jase and Missy were always my favorites!!”

Many other fans just couldn’t believe that he went through with it, and plenty more straight up didn’t recognize him — including his own son.

Of course, most of his siblings and elders feel that he should eventually grow it back. And some fans agree.

But one person is definitely stoked: Jase’s wife, Missy. Can you blame her?

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