Here's What You Need To Know About Gatsby Chocolate From Shark Tank

Gatsby chocolate bar line up
Gatsby chocolate bar line up - Gatsby Chocolate/Facebook

Gatsby Chocolate is one of the latest food brands to attempt to get to the next level on "Shark Tank." The show's 15th season premiere is slated for September 29th on ABC, where the co-founders of this low-calorie chocolate brand will be standing before sharks like Barbara Corcoran and Mark Cuban. You might have heard of one of its co-founders, ex-lawyer Doug Bouton because he also co-founded Halo Top, the popular low-cal ice cream. After selling Halo Top in 2019, Doug wanted to do the same for chocolate as he did for ice cream, and two years later, he founded Gatsby Chocolate with his brother and co-founder Ryan Bouton, who will appear on the show with him.

The current product lineup includes chocolate bars in four flavors: Almond Dark, Cookies and Cream, Fudge Brownie, and Sea Salt Extra Dark. Its Facebook page also promises new products launching soon, including a peanut butter madness chocolate bar. Gatsby also used to sell peanut butter cups that were just 50 calories each, so we personally hope those make a comeback. You can purchase the chocolate at Walmart stores nationwide. The brand even wants to treat customers around this Shark Tank buzz, so it's offering one free chocolate bar when you purchase two at your local retailer by signing up with your cell number via this link.

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It's The Lowest-Calorie Chocolate

Gatsby chocolate bars in shopping cart
Gatsby chocolate bars in shopping cart - Gatsby Chocolate/Facebook

What stands out the most about this chocolate is how low it is in calories. Worry about packing on pounds is often what prevents folks from picking up sweets like chocolate, but Gatsby is trying to allay those concerns. According to the brand, it's the lowest-calorie chocolate available, with roughly half the calories of other major brands. The Fudge Brownie and Sea Salt Extra Dark varieties each have 180 calories for the entire bar. The Cookies and Cream bars have 200 calories each, and the Almond Dark bars are 210 calories.

Each bar has three servings, meaning you'll eat 60 to 70 calories per 30 grams of chocolate. For comparison, a 3.5-ounce Lindt Roasted Hazelnut Dark Chocolate bar has 160 calories per serving, making it 480 calories per bar. For even more proof, a 4.8-ounce Ghirardelli Milk Chocolate Sea Salt Caramel bar has a total of 680 calories. According to those calculations, you could eat an entire Gatsby Chocolate bar for about the same number of calories as a single serving of comparable brands.

Less Sugar And High-Quality Ingredients

Gatsby chocolate bars next to a cheese board
Gatsby chocolate bars next to a cheese board - Gatsby Chocolate/Facebook

Perhaps one of the reasons why these chocolate bars have so few calories is because they also use 75% less sugar compared to other brands. The Almond Dark, Fudge Brownie, and Sea Salt Dark Chocolate bars only have 7 grams of chocolate for the entire bar. The exception is the Cookies and Cream bar, which is made from white chocolate and has a total of 10 grams of sugar, giving it just over 3 grams per serving. That Lindt chocolate bar we mentioned has 14 grams of sugar per serving, giving it 42 grams for the entire bar. How does Gatsby make such delicious chocolate with so little sugar? One of its tricks is including ingredients like allulose in place of some of that refined sugar, which is a sugar alcohol that occurs naturally in foods like figs and raisins.

All of the bars are dairy-free, gluten-free, and vegan, except for the Cookies and Cream bar. The latter chocolate bar has whole milk powder and wheat in the chocolate. In addition to the allulose, the bars each contain EPG (a modified plant-based oil), palm kernel oil, sunflower lecithin, and soluble corn fiber. The Almond Dark, Fudge Brownie, and Sea Salt Extra Dark bars have cocoa powder, while the Cookies and Cream bars have cocoa processed with alkali. Despite the alternative ingredients, the chocolate doesn't seem to lack taste because the vast majority of the ratings they've received on are four and five stars.

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