Here's the new college football anthem ESPN will get stuck in your head for months

Lee Corso wants Kirk Herbstreit to know that ESPN has now used two Imagine Dragons songs in its promos. (AP Photo/Rogelio V. Solis)

On Monday, Imagine Dragons released a new single called “Natural.” It is a song I never had any intention of listening to, but now, as a college football writer, I have no choice.

And you, as college football fans, do not have a choice either.

According to Billboard, the song will be the anthem of ESPN’s college football coverage this season. You can always count on ESPN to get a song stuck in your head for months.

This one is no different:

Oh my god that chorus.

ESPN’s choice follows a trend in recent years

The first time you hear “Natural,” it will sound like a lot of the other songs ESPN has used in recent years, including another Imagine Dragons song, “Roots,” from the 2015 season. All of these songs, like Fall Out Boy’s “Centuries” from 2014 and 30 Seconds to Mars’ “Walk on Water” last year, have big booming choruses or refrains that fit perfectly into shorter game promos or longer commercials.

“YEAH YOU’RE A NATURAL” fits that formula, doesn’t it?

It sure does, and you’ll remember it for centuries.

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