Here's Proof That Nicole Kidman Still Wears Her Natural Curls Every Now and Then

The 1990s were a glorious time in hair history for numerous reasons, like "bixie" haircuts, mandatory tendrils on every prom 'updo, and barrettes on either sides of a middle-parted style. But one of my favorite hair memories — one that feels particularly distant — is the frequency with which Nicole Kidman wore her hair naturally curly. That head of voluminous, strawberry blonde curls was glorious.

But like so many of us, it seems the Oscar-winning actress discovered blowouts and flatirons as we entered the new millennium. And by the time she met husband Keith Urban, heat-styled, straightened looks became her go-to look. (Can you think of another couple with a more obvious combined love of sleekly ironed hair?) It's safe to say that, more often than not in the last 20 years, Kidman has preferred to be seen in non-curly hairstyles. And while she looks undeniably beautiful in unbending length and loose waves, I miss those curls.

Nicole Kidman in 1992

Nicole Kidman 1992

Nicole Kidman in 1992
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So I was genuinely surprised and delighted when Kidman posted a cute behind-the-scenes shot on Instagram showing her hanging out with Urban while he works on music. "Bookworm in the studio 📖," she wrote in the caption of the photo, in which she looks on, legs crossed and book open, as her hubby plays guitar. But as sweet as the candid picture is, it's her hair that warms my heart the most.

Although she's wearing it up in a top knot, it's apparent from the not-so-smooth texture and loose little tendril that Kidman is wearing her naturally curly hair… well… naturally. And even from this limited angle, it's easy to see it looks so pretty this way.

I'm pretty sure it's been nearly two years since we've seen Kidman embrace her curls at a red-carpet event, but I know I'm not alone when I say I'd love to see them make a comeback at her next major appearance.

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