Here’s the Surprise Proposal and Wedding That’s Making the Internet Swoon

Photo: Instagram

If you’ve watched enough surprise-proposal and surprise-wedding videos online, you can sometimes fall under the impression that nothing new will move you anymore. Until you watch what unfolded as Alfred Duncan prepared the most romantic series of events for girlfriend Sherrell Woodward. Duncan and his friends documented it all on Instagram, and their #ForeverDuncan hashtag has been making us ugly-cry ever since.

It all begins with this video of the two of them about to start their “date day,” which she agreed to let him plan. He declares it “Servitude” day, so she has to do whatever he says. She’s a little reluctant, but those of us watching at home are already giddy.

At a restaurant, she admits she’s anxious, “because I don’t like not knowing what’s going on.” Just wait, Sherrell.

In an edited video of the day, we can then see Alfred go to a room in the back of the restaurant, where a group of their friends and family members are hiding out. He asks Sherrell’s daughter to bring her back. Sherrell begins to catch on that something big is happening.

“You are so amazing,” he begins. Her confusion soon turns to emotional tears, and that’s about where we start welling up too. “You have grown me in ways I could never imagine. I want to take this moment in front of everybody we love and ask you, ‘Will you please be my wife.‘”

But the surprises don’t end there. Alfred instructs Sherrell to go to another address and do whatever the woman there says to. This turns out to be a room full of more friends, including women who do her hair and makeup and dress her in a stunning black lace gown. She’s taken, blindfolded, to a new location, at National Harbor in Maryland. Does she understand by now that she’s going to her wedding? That much is unclear. What is clear is that she is ready for this. Are you ready for another cry? Here are her vows:

“I’m so proud of you for this,” she says. “I’m so happy that you love me this way. I’m so happy that you chose to do this with me. I love you with my whole heart, baby. I can’t imagine what my life would be without you. I love you so much.”

According to their new website (this guy planned everything!),, Grammy- and Emmy-nominated vocalist and MC Duncan and personal trainer Woodward were Facebook friends for years before she gave him her phone number in 2013. They attended church together and in 2015 made a vow to be abstinent until they got married. That explains what the new Mrs. Duncan says in their video that night, after they thank everyone for watching:

“Everyone who has been following us knows how long I’ve been waiting for this man to a-a-a-a-a…,” she says, breaking out into song. “Don’t hate him, men, don’t hate him. He was just doing what he was supposed to do. That’s it. You do what you’re supposed to do. If you want to get down on one knee, get down on one knee. He didn’t do that. We didn’t have time for all that. We had to get down the aisle and get to the hotel room, period.”

Since this began on Saturday, the #ForeverDuncan hashtag has gone viral, with more than 10,500 posts so far on Instagram, many of which are memes made by envious viewers …

… and those who are sure their significant others are envious.

Good luck to anyone feeling the pressure to top this!

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