Here's How You Can Watch Disney's 'Lightyear' Right From Your Comfy Couch

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Here's How You Can Watch Disney's 'Lightyear' Right From Your Comfy Couch

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To infinity and beyond! Or rather, your sofa.

Lightyear came out in theaters on June 17, and many Toy Story fans quickly ran to the cinema to catch the prequel to the beloved Disney-Pixar franchise. The Chris Evans-led movie follows a "real-life" version of Buzz Lightyear as he tries to get back to Earth while saving the world from his evil robot nemesis Zurg. Along with a ragtag crew and a robot kitten for a sidekick, the space ranger may just be up to take on the complicated challenge.

Intrigued yet? We are too, which means we're wondering exactly how we can stream Lightyear from home. After all, it's super hot outside, and all we want to do is curl up at home in front of our TVs.

Here's what you need to know about watching Lightyear online.

Where to watch and stream Disney's Lightyear:

The movie might have debuted in theaters earlier this summer, but Disney and Pixar already gave us a very nice gift. Lightyear dropped on Disney+ on August 3, meaning you can have a family movie night right now!

So, how can you stream Lightyear? There are multiple ways you can do so. If you've never subscribed to Disney+, the streaming service offers a few plans for viewers which start at $7.99 a month or $79.99 a year. If you also want to add Hulu or ESPN+ as well, you can bundle all three services into one plan starting at $13.99 a month. Once you have an account, you can go to the official movie page for Lightyear on either the Disney+ website or from the Disney+ official app.

After you're done streaming Lightyear, why don't you continue with the rest of the Toy Story movies? You might as well, now that you've gotten to know the man behind the Buzz Lightyear toy.

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