Here's why Mike, Ben and Emily were missing from 'Friends Reunion'

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Here's why Mike, Ben and Emily were missing from 'Friends Reunion'

When a period of uncertainty or despair is apparent, nothing may be more appropriate than a big, spectacular gathering that brings people together in an environment of happiness and contentment. And the FRIENDS Reunion fits the bill.

Although many Friends fans had hoped for certain aspects to be included, several actors were missing from the silver screen. Let's check out the reason behind it.

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Ben Geller – Shortly after the birth of Emma, his step-sister, Ben left the show. The last noteworthy appearance he made was in the eighth episode, the episode titled "The One Where Joey Dates Rachel." The lack of proof of Emma meeting the two children further disproved the theory that Emma was the sibling of the other child.

The 26-year-old actor who now stars on the hit TV series Riverdale, Ben, revealed in a recent GQ magazine video that Ross's inability to be present on a recent episode might be due to Ross' involvement as a father.

Mike Hannigan – It was completely obvious to all of the Paul Rudd fans who had seen him in the film Ant-Man and exclaimed, "That is Phoebe's Mike" - the fact that he didn't remember the character was undeniable. He has been referred to as Phoebe’s Mike, and he was a significant character in the series.

A strangely compelling character who appeared in a dozen scenes of Friends, often humorously and inexplicably.

Emily Waltham - The entire event was diminished because Ross pronounced the incorrect name. The real problem is that the internet is still free and unmonitored. In essence, Ross was more eager to reside and continue to reside than he was to come and stay. It was far too early for him to run into the wedding with Emily.

Although he wanted to be sure that he would be stuck with Rachel on an unconscious level, it was in his best interest to be certain of that outcome.