The hidden feminist meaning behind Lady Gaga's larger-than-life suit

On Tuesday, Lady Gaga walked the red carpet at ELLE’s Annual Women in Hollywood Celebration in an extremely oversized Marc Jacobs suit.

While the unusual look turned heads, she later on revealed that it was inspired by her desire to challenge red carpet norms.

I tried on dress after dress today getting ready for this event, one tight corset after another, one heel after another, a diamond, a feather, thousands of beaded fabrics and the most beautiful silks in the world,” she said on stage.

Lady Gaga’s red carpet look was about so much more than fashion at the ELLE Women in Hollywood Celebration (Photo via Getty Images)

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“To be honest, I felt sick to my stomach.”

“After trying on ten or so dresses, with a sad feeling in my heart that all that would matter was what I wore to this red carpet, I saw an oversized Marc Jacobs suit very quietly in the corner. I put it on to a resounding view of eyes glaring at me in confusion. ‘But the Rodarte was so beautiful!’ one said. “The Raf Simons for Calvin Klein was so stunning on you!’ said another,” she continued.

“They were all dresses. This was an oversized men’s suit made for a woman. Not a gown. And then I began to cry. In this suit, I felt like me today. In this suit, I felt the truth of who I am well up in my gut. And then, wondering what I wanted to say tonight became very clear to me.”

Gaga, who said she wants to be known for more than her couture red carpet looks, highlighted why it was so important for her to stay true to herself — especially at an event honouring women for their strength and talent.

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Lady Gaga’s Marc Jacobs pantsuit was all about self empowerment to “take the power back” (Photo via Getty Images)

We are not just objects to entertain the world,” she said.

“We are not simply images to bring smiles or grimaces to people’s faces. We are not members of a giant beauty pageant meant to be pit against one another for the pleasure of the public. We women in Hollywood, we are voices.

As a sexual assault survivor by someone in the entertainment industry, as a woman who is still not brave enough to say his name, as a woman who lives with chronic pain, as a woman who was conditioned at a very young age to listen to what men told me to do, I decided today I wanted to take the power back. Today I wear the pants,” she said. 

Gaga has been a beacon of feminism in recent weeks, showing her unwavering support of Dr. Christine Blasey Ford on “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert.”

Hoping her moment of bravery inspires other women to take back their power, Gaga encouraged listeners to embrace their voices.

“We have deep thoughts and ideas and beliefs and values about the world – and we have the power to speak and be heard and fight back when we are silenced.”

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