High school athlete wins $5.87 million verdict in concussion case

Basketball concussions have led to a large verdict. (Getty)

A former South Carolina high school athlete has won a $5.87 million judgment after suffering two sports-related concussions while playing basketball.

Brett Baker-Goins played basketball for First Baptist School of Charleston five years ago. He suffered a concussion and was sent to Medical University Hospital of Charleston after complaining of headaches, dizziness and cognitive issues, according to a statement put out by Baker-Goins’ attorneys. After he returned to school, Baker-Goins went through the South Carolina Independent School Association’s “return to play protocol” for players who have suffered concussions.

But Baker-Goins suffered a second concussion five weeks later, and his attorneys charged that he was rushed through the process.

“The second concussion resulted in a permanent traumatic brain injury that has delayed Brett’s educational, social and emotional development,” Baker-Goins’ attorneys said.

The key issue here is the fact that Baker-Goins went through proper protocols, although he was apparently rushed through them in the judgment of the court. Regardless of the ultimate resolution of this case, it could open the door for other high school athletes to challenge their states’ concussion protocols.
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