The Most Dazzling Moments From The 2018 Winter Olympics Opening Ceremony

Willa Frej

The 2018 Winter Games kicked off Friday in Pyeongchang, South Korea, with an opening spectacle for the ages, complete with dancing, drones, fireworks and even a little diplomacy.

Transmitting an overriding message of peace and harmony, the dazzling variety of routines showcased Korean culture, and parts of it were set to a Korean pop music soundtrack.

Technology took a front seat in the ceremony. with the creative use of elements like more than 1,200 drones lighting up the sky to depict athletes in action.

The Olympic flame was lit toward the end of the opening ceremony, declaring the Winter Games officially open.

Check out some of the opening ceremony highlights:

(Ronald Martinez via Getty Images)

Dancers perform "The Land of Peace" segment.

(Pool via Getty Images)

A makeup artist applies glitter to a performer backstage.

(Matthias Hangst via Getty Images)

A tiger on stilts.


Olympic athletes from Russia's (OAR) parade during the opening ceremony. Banned from participating as representatives of Russia due to a doping scandal, they were required to wear neutral uniforms with no country designation.

(Sean M. Haffey via Getty Images)

Flag bearer Erin Hamlin of the United States leads her team.

(Jamie Squire via Getty Images)


(Pool via Getty Images)

Flag bearer Pita Taufatofua of Tonga and teammates enter the stadium.

(Ronald Martinez via Getty Images)

The Jamaican bobsled team made a grand entrance, dancing as they went.

(Pool via Getty Images)

More fireworks.

(Matthias Hangst via Getty Images)

The North Korea and South Korea Olympic teams enter together under the Korean Unification Flag. A historic moment.


Another performance.

(Al Bello via Getty Images)

Snowboarder Shaun White and freestyle skiier Gus Kenworthy of Team USA.

(MARTIN BUREAU via Getty Images)

More dancers.


Light installations.

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