This Highly Anticipated McDonald's Meal Is Launching Tomorrow

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When McDonald's announced that their next celebrity meal collaboration would be with BTS, fans of the mega-popular K-pop group were ecstatic. And so the countdown began in countries around the world to the staggered international release dates. In the United States, the wait is almost over—the BTS meal will be launching tomorrow.

On May 26, the new menu item named after the South Korean pop band will be available through the McDonald's app only. Judging by the way the chain rolled out its long-anticipated chicken sandwiches in February, the meal will likely roll out at restaurants a day later. Besides a first taste, fans will also get access to exclusive content through the app, according to the McDonald's website.

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bts meal
bts meal

What we know so far is that the BTS meal will include a 10-piece order of Chicken McNuggets with two exclusive dipping sauces that were not previously available on American menus. The Cajun and the Sweet Chili sauces are inspired by McDonald's South Korea, and both feature different levels of heat. The order will also come with medium fries and a medium Coke.

Ever since the announcement in April, fans speculated whether the collaboration would include BTS-themed merchandise too. Finally, McDonald's confirmed it a few days ago on Twitter but kept mum on the details about the items. According to the American BTS Army website ("BTS Army" is what the band's fans call themselves), the merchandise will be available for purchase on starting tomorrow at 7 p.m. ET until June 30.

Additionally, McDonald's confirmed in a Tweet yesterday that those who preorder the merchandise will receive a special free gift.

The BTS photocards will come in eight different varieties, picturing each of the seven BTS members individually as well as the whole group. One gift per order will apply.

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