Hilary Knight Gives Game-Changing Pep Talk About Staying Positive: ‘Search for Small Victories”

Hilary Knight Gives Game-Changing Pep Talk About Staying Positive: ‘Search for Small Victories”

“Not every day can be your day, but we can try," the Olympian said

<p>Bruce Bennett/Getty</p>

Bruce Bennett/Getty

Hilary Knight has had some big wins recently, but she also appreciates the small ones.

The Professional Women’s Hockey League player teamed up with e.l.f. Cosmetics and PEOPLE to give a pep talk about how she sets herself up for success. The first rule? Be mindful of all the little things.

“Life throws a ton of stuff at us, and the best piece of advice that I've ever received is to search for small victories,” she says as she begins to do her makeup routine. “So my first victory of the day is getting out of bed. My second is going to be my prep for the day, and I love e.l.f.'s 'Camo' hydrating cream, absolutely love it.”

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As the Olympian lightly applies the hydrating color-correcting cream all over her face with a brush, she explains the impact of this positive mindset on her life. She says as she notices all she gets done, even a small task, she feels more confident.

<p>Minas Panagiotakis/Getty </p>

Minas Panagiotakis/Getty

“When I accumulate all these little victories throughout the day, I'm building confidence,” she admits. “And sometimes it's not your day, but it's gonna prepare you for tomorrow.”

She adds: “Not every day can be your day, but we can try.”

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Next, the athlete, who plays for the PWHL's Boston team, adds some color to her face, putting on a dot of a vibrant pink blush from the brand on each cheek, and going in with that same brush to blend it out.

“My other favorite product to get ready for the day is e.l.f.’s liquid blush. Nothing like a good, nice, tiny pop of color to help me attack that day and get that confidence going,” she says.

Knight then announces that she is finished. Keeping her makeup simple, she enhances her natural beauty, which allows her to feel ready to take on the day.

“Let's chase those small victories together,” she says as the pep talk concludes.

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