Honda Civic Type R crate motor is now easier to install, and anyone can buy one

Ben Hsu
·2 min read

Honda has announced a limited edition package that will make its Civic Type R crate motor easier to install. Called the Controls Package, it includes a wiring harness, fuse box, accelerator pedal, and ECU programmed by Honda Performance Development.

Honda began offering its K20C1 crate motor from the Civic Type R in the U.S. in 2017, but it came as just the long block, alternator, turbo, and starter motor. As anyone who's conducted an engine swap knows, that's just the beginning. To make the motor work with the host car, you have to connect systems like fuel injection, ignition, and sensors to the vehicle's electronic brain, the ECU.

With the Controls Package, the 306-horsepower, 295 lb-ft inline-four is far simpler to install. You'll still have to source some items on your own, such as engine mounts, plumbing for the intercooler and exhaust from the turbo back, fuel supply, and cooling system. But, not having to solder your own wires or find an aftermarket solution is no longer a concern.

In the past, the Civic Type R crate motor has only been available if you were a race team or a member of Honda's Racing Line program. However, Honda has now opened the program up to anyone, as it did with the Civic Type R TC race car we recently test drove. Honda is quick to point out, though, that the engine is only for use in track settings and is not street legal.

The Controls Package will only be sold with a new engine, costing $9,000 for the whole shebang (the standalone engine is priced at $6,790.00). Only 93 Control Packages will be made, so if you want a K20C1 for your track weapon, it's best to act fast when the system goes on sale May 1, 2021.

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