‘My hope is that he dies in prison,’ Fresno judge says after sentencing convicted murderer

A two-time felon with a history of domestic violence charges was sentenced Thursday to 29-years-to-life for fatally shooting his estranged wife in 2021.

Ka Lou Yang, 43, killed 41-year-old True Vang on March 23, 2021 after arguing inside a bedroom of their home at North 5th Street and East Lamona Avenue. Four of the couple’s children, ranging in age from 9 to 17, were home at the time of the murder.

Prosecutor David Olmos said during the sentencing hearing that Yang was angry that his wife wanted to leave him.

“Inside a bedroom, Mr. Yang committed the most unspeakable act, he shot Ms. Vang in cold-blooded murder,” Olmos said.

Yang agreed to plead no contest to first-degree murder in April in exchange for a sentence of 25-years-to-life plus four years for use of a firearm. Had his case gone to trail and he was convicted, he faced up to 50-years-to-life in prison.

Judge Jon Kapetan noted that Yang has two prior domestic violence cases in Wisconsin in 2006. In California, Yang was sent to prison in 2017 for evading police after a hit and run collision while in possession of a controlled substance. Yang was sentenced to jail in 2014 on a weapons charge.

Two of Vang’s nieces submitted letters to Kapetan describing what she meant to them and what they would like to see happen to her killer.

The letters were read by Viktoria Grigorian, a crime victim advocate.

Chi Yang wrote that the loss of her aunt has devastated her and her family. She wrote about missing her smile and the way she would light up when out-of-town relatives would come to visit. Yang also feels badly for her mother, who was very close to True.

“Although I miss my Aunt Truly and have cried many rivers of tears, I can’t fathom what my mother was and is still going through,” she wrote. “I can only imagine the hurt she will always have knowing she will live the rest of her days without her baby sister.”

In her letter, niece Judy Vang described her aunt as humble, hardworking and a great cook who loved to prepares meals for friends and family. She also supported her decision to leave Yang.

“Just as my beloved aunt realized her worth and happiness in what she wanted and did not want in a partner, this monster sitting here in chains takes her life away,” she wrote.

Vang wrote that the only positive thing that came out of this tragedy is she will never have to see Yang again.

“He should suffer in jail for the rest of his life,” she wrote.

Kapetan agreed.

“As to the Vang family, my condolences to you and I hope you all find some kind of solace in this sentence,” Kapetan said. “My hope is that he never gets out. My hope is that he dies in prison.“