Hotter, drier than normal weather will continue through Memorial Day, forecasters say

The South Sound can expect unseasonably warm temperatures and dry conditions to continue through Memorial Day weekend, according to the National Weather Service.

Temperatures will dip back to typical digits Sunday and Monday, with highs in the low 60s. These clear skies and hot-orange sunsets will yield to clouds, “a few showers” and possible thunderstorms, particularly nearer to the Cascades.

By Thursday, though, the thermometer is forecast to jump back to the mid-70s, but NWS cautions that “there is considerable uncertainty in the details.”

Despite the balm, chances of a veritable heat event in the next week are unlikely, the agency reported Friday afternoon.

Through the end of the month and into the first days of June, above-normal temperatures are expected, combined with “near-normal” precipitation.

Looking ahead to early summer — the solstice lands on June 21 — Western Washington should brace for more hot (for us!), dry days.

“Odds continue to favor above-normal temperatures and below-normal precipitation throughout the month of June,” NWS said.

Scattered showers were reported around the Seattle metro early Saturday morning, but in the coming days, rain is unlikely outside of the coast and mountains.