How Did You Go Public With Your Pregnancy News?

Sharing your pregnancy with your friends and family can be a special event.  Some people opt for surprise, and others go simple.  Even celebrities sometimes get creative: Beyoncé announced her pregnancy by flashing her bump at MTV's Video Music Awards.  We asked some of our readers what their pregnancy-announcement strategies were.

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1. "We had our parents over for Chinese food.  My husband replaced the generic fortunes with ones that read: 'There will be a new addition t your family' and 'Lucky numbers: 10-22-10.'  That was our due date!" -Sheryl H., Kew Gardens, NY

2. "My husband and I were at a fundraiser for our local radio station, so I got on the mic and told him we were pregnant on the air.  He cried!" -Sue J., via email

3. "When I got pregnant the second time, I made an 'I'm a Big Brother' shirt for my son and had him wear it to a family gathering.  Watching everyone read and digest it was hilarious.  Now I have to find a clever way of announcing my current pregnancy." -Stephanie D., Cuyahoga Falls, OH

How did you go public with your pregnancy news?

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