How Rami Malek saved the day for Rachel Brosnahan at the Golden Globes

Rachel Brosnahan joined Jimmy Kimmel Live Tuesday night where she talked about how celebrities like Amy Poehler and Rami Malek helped her narrowly avert disaster at the Golden Globes on Sunday. The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel star explained that she and her husband were in line to get their picture taken when Malek tried to lend a helping hand, and that’s when things fell apart… literally.

“Rami sort of looked at my husband Jason’s bowtie and said, ‘Oh, hold on. Your bowtie is askew.’ Went to fix it and we realized that this clip-on bowtie, because they’re easier, had completely fallen apart,” Brosnahan said.

That’s when, according to Brosnahan, a random group of celebrities hit the floor to look for the missing piece to the clip-on tie, and Mr. Robot was able to save Mrs. Maisel… even though it was kind of his fault to begin with.

“We’re all, like, looking for the clip, Rami finds it and goes, ‘Guys, I’ve got this.’ And he did,” Brosnahan said. “Somehow he MacGyvered the thing and it went back together.”

And there’s one clear takeaway from this story.

“People say celebrities are mean, that Hollywood’s kind of a toxic place. We felt very supported,” Brosnahan joked. Kimmel replied, “Let me tell you, when there’s an emergency situation like that where the clip falls off your tie, you can really count on Mr. Robot in that type of scenario.”

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