Klondike calls the discontinuation of the Choco Taco 'necessary but unfortunate': Here's how to make your own version at home

Klondike has discontinued their iconic Choco Taco. Here's how some ice cream-lovers are making their own versions at home. (Photo: Klondikebar.com)
Klondike has discontinued their iconic Choco Taco. Here's how some ice cream-lovers are making their own versions at home. (Photo: Klondikebar.com)

The rumors have swirled around like a chocolate-vanilla ice cream blend, and unfortunately, it's true. The Choco Taco, a beloved and unique ice cream novelty made by Klondike was discontinued late last month. As suggested by the name, this chocolatey taco was made with a waffle cone "taco" shell and stuffed with ice cream, then topped with chocolate and nuts — all wrapped up in an iconic silver wrapper.

While fans from across the country have been shocked and saddened by the news, a representative from the brand shares that a spike in sales prompted the discontinuation of the sweet treat.

"The Klondike Choco Taco has unfortunately been discontinued in both one-count and four-count pack sizes," a representative for Klondike shares with Yahoo Life. "Over the past two years, we have experienced an unprecedented spike in demand across our portfolio and have had to make very tough decisions to ensure availability of our full portfolio nationwide."

"A necessary but unfortunate part of this process is that we sometimes must discontinue products, even a beloved items like Choco Taco," they add.

In February, the Choco Taco was part of a collaboration with another favorite taco brand, fast food chain Taco Bell. The nostalgic campaign offered Choco Tacos for $2.99 at 20 locations in Southern California and Wisconsin, while supplies lasted.

Yahoo Life reached out to Taco Bell for comment, but the chain says it has no updates to share. Before the Choco Taco partnership in 2022, the taco chain served up the dessert tacos regularly until pausing in 2015.

And there's been speculation among Choco Taco fans that the treat may return. While Klondike's Twitter account bio clearly reads: "R.I.P. Choco Taco 1983-2022," the brand has shared cryptic social media posts implying there are 912 of the frozen treats remaining.

"I knew you loved me, but not this much," reads one post featuring a Choco Taco at a press conference. "While I reflect on this outpouring of support, we are discussing next steps, including what to do with the last 912."

In the comments under the post, Klondike says, "We've heard our fans, and we're hoping to bring this favorite back to ice cream trucks in the coming years," leaving many speculating what the fate of the beloved ice cream taco will be.

While the Choco Taco may be gone from drive-throughs and grocery store freezers — at least for the foreseeable future — it's certainly not gone from the hearts of fans. Samantha Elliott, who lives in Seattle, Wash., says the ice cream confection will always be a symbol of summertime.

"I spent a week at summer camp each year and our parents would put money into an account for us to buy treats while we were there," Elliott tells Yahoo Life. "There was a little ice cream shack where we'd pick from a Push-Up Pop, Drumstick Cone and of course, the Choco Taco."

"The Choco Taco was always my choice," she adds, "and I would only have them there, so thinking about eating one brings back fond memories of summer camp songs, swimming in the lake and drying off by the lake while munching on an ice-cold Choco Taco during afternoon free time. I'm really sad to see them go."

Elliott isn't the only Choco Taco fan who found a love for the dessert during their days at summer camp.

Libba Durrett, the Nashville, Tenn.-based owner of Sparklers Online, says during her four weeks at camp each year, Choco Tacos were a coveted commodity.

"I attended summer camp on the coast of North Carolina for many summers," she recalls. "Saturdays were extra special: The snack bar opened after dinner and we were allowed to get treats before movie night. Everyone wanted the Choco Taco but we all knew it was in limited supply."

"Winning a contest was the only way you could get out the door first," she continues. "You better believe I made sure my cabin was the loudest and most enthusiastic."

Durrett shares that years later, the tradition has passed on to a new generation of campers. "My children ultimately ended up attending the same camp and developing the same love for the Choco Taco," she says. "When the news broke, my teenage son circulated it on the family text. The end of an era and the end of a special memory being sparked by passing the ice cream aisle at the grocery."

While Durrett and her family are superfans, Diego Segura from Seaford, N.Y. may be the biggest Choco Taco fan of all. "I'm proud to say that Choco Taco is my favorite ice cream of all time," he says.

Segura always shared the love by buying rounds of Choco Tacos for friends and family — who even gifted him Choco Tacos in return for special events and birthdays.

"When the news broke that Klondike was discontinuing Choco Tacos, I had several people text me asking if I was OK," he says. "I was devastated. I immediately emailed Klondike voicing my frustration and sadness. I also hopped online to grab a few boxes. I didn't find any."

"I'm making a vow to never have another Klondike ice cream product for the rest of my life," says Segura. "That's the commitment I'm making. Bring back Choco Tacos."

While loyal lovers of the product mourn the loss of the ice cream treat, food content creators and recipe developers, like Carlena Davis, who lives in Bowie, Md., have gotten straight to work attempting to recreate the beloved recipe at home.

"I made the recipe back in the summer of 2020," she says. "We were in the thick of the pandemic and I wanted to make a fun ice cream treat for my daughter. I love the Choco Taco and used to get it at Taco Bell back when I was a kid."

When news broke about the discontinuation of the popular treat, Davis shared her recipe on TikTok to help fans recreate it at home as well. Her version involves homemade waffle cones — pressed in a waffle cone maker — and store-bought chocolate-vanilla swirl ice cream. Her "taco shells" get their shape by cooling them on parchment paper, folded over the spine of a hardcover book.

Davis shares some top tips for the perfect Choco Taco every time.

"The key to making a good Choco Taco at home is to use very little batter in the waffle cone maker," she says. "If you add too much batter, the waffle cone will be too thick and will not form the shape of a taco."

"You can also use chocolate-flavored Magic Shell Topping instead of melting chocolate to coat the tacos," she adds.

Amber Lozzi's at-home version of the Choco Taco, made with a pizzelle maker. (Photo: Amber Lozzi)
Amber Lozzi's at-home version of the Choco Taco, made with a pizzelle maker. (Photo: Amber Lozzi)

Amber Lozzi, a content creator and marketing expert in Springfield, Ill., says she believes this is all a marketing ploy to get fans excited about the Choco Taco. But just in case, she's also working on a recipe all her own.

"I've not yet perfected it, but I'm getting close and I appreciate my husband's antique pizzelle maker, as I use it for the shells," says Lozzi.

Lozzi shares what many die-hard Choco Taco fans seem to have in common: "Choco Tacos were always my number one choice growing up, whether it was [from] the ice cream man driving down the street or [purchased while] visiting the snack stand at the beach, Choco Tacos were all I wanted. I don't want them to go."

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