How Hudson Mohawke’s 2011 song ‘Cbat’ suddenly went viral on TikTok

The popular “Cbat” TikTok song topped Spotify’s Viral 50 charts this month because of a very weird Reddit post.

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Scottish DJ Hudson Mohawke has worked with artists like Pusha T, Ye and Lil Wayne. While he released his third studio album Cry Baby in 2022, it’s the song “Cbat” from his 2011 EP Satin Panthers that’s going viral right now. It all started with a TikTok video about a Reddit post about a specific playlist.

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The TikTok account @redditrave shared a Reddit post from the “Today I F***** Up” forum. The Reddit poster explained that after two years of dating his girlfriend, she finally told him that she hated a song he played during sex.

He insisted that he liked the song even after she revealed that she hated it. The boyfriend was furious because he said he had played the song virtually every time they were intimate. The song was “Cbat” by DJ Hudson Mohawke.

The track has since been used in over 84,000 TikTok videos. Most people are, of course, making memes about the Reddit post.

But since then, on Sept. 4, Mohawke posted a screenshot of “Cbat” topping the Spotify Viral 50 chart, in both Global and USA categories, with the simple caption, “Lol.”

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