Huggies praised for using black family on packaging for 'first time in history'

Caroline Allen
The eco-friendly, diverse packaging has garnered lots of praise. [Photo: Joe Flowers Jr]

Huggies has launched new packaging with a black father and daughter on the front for the first time ever, prompting huge social media round of applause.

Joe Flowers Jr from Chicago, Illinois, U.S, led the praise in a now viral Facebook post.

He said: “Huggies done went and put a black father on the package of their diapers. This is a first in history look how far we’ve come. I’m about to buy these for no reason whatsoever.”

The post has already racked up 100,000 likes, shares and comments.

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The dad and daughter duo on the front of the packaging are part of the brand’s new eco-friendly range of nappies.

Diversity and sustainability in one product, now that’s something we can get on board with.

The new nappies are called Huggies Special Delivery and are made from plant-based materials derived from sugarcane.

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Other social media users were quick to join in with Joe’s praise for the brand. Many people even said they were going to buy them even though they didn’t have children who wore nappies, just to support it.

One said: “I ain’t got no babies, but purchase is a must.”

“Outstanding! Finally shining a great light on black fathers! Good job. I’ll buy some and give them away!” Another joined in.

The applause for the packaging didn’t end there, with people beginning to comment on how it’s refreshing to see a dad on the front of the packaging rather than the usual mother and baby combination.

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The feedback was mostly positive, but some people did wonder why all the packaging is black and doesn’t retain Huggies usual branding.

Others felt that it might just be a marketing ploy from the company to encourage more people to share the new branding.

Mostly, though, people were overjoyed at this “huge” step forward.

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