Hugh Hefner once revealed the secrets to his iconic wardrobe

Marah Alindogan

Hugh Hefner is truly one of the greatest style icons of his generation.

The "Playboy" founder, who died at the age of 91 on Wednesday, not only changed the media industry with his sexual trailblazing ways, he had a tremendous impact on the men's fashion industry as well.

In an interview with DailyMail back in 2007, the businessman revealed the secrets to his iconic wardrobe, which consisted partly of "200 pairs of pajamas."

But why pajamas?

"I started wearing them all the time because I was working at night, and then I started wearing them when I entertained," Hefner said. "I realized I could get away with it. Then, of course, people were disappointed if they didn't find me in pajamas."

When Hefner wasn't in bed, where he would "watch TV and movies, play games and listen to music" for 12 hours of his day, he was walking around in velvet slippers custom made by the now-shuttered Di Fabrizio of Hollywood. He revealed to DailyMail that he had 12 pairs of the luxurious shoes.

Hefner -- or "Hef" as those closest to him called him -- also sported one of his 35 custom-made Armani suits for fancier events.

"I am probably the only guy in town who has Armani suits with turn-ups," Hefner jokingly said. "It's a connection to my sense of tradition and to the time when I was growing up before World War II."

Hefner never strayed from his dark wardrobe, often choosing black, even during the day, because "black is serious, for taking care of business."

And surprisingly, Hefner revealed that he doesn't have a stylist: "I choose my clothes and shoes. When I got to the Playboy Mansion I didn't leave the property for months, to shop or to go anywhere. Everything I needed was here. I never think about how much I spend on clothes."

Now, Hefner's signature style

Loungewear has become its own fashion category, with brands like Juicy Couture capitalizing on Hugh's aesthetic. Likewise, pajamas have been popping up on the red carpet and runways. Despite Hefner's passing, his legacy -- in clothing and in other ways -- will be remembered for years to come.